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Smart furniture linear actuator

Electric sofa& massage chair electric doors and windows

Medical equipment linear actuator

Dental treatment bed Electric hospital bed

Solar linear actuator

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Linear actuator customization

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Linear actuator manufacturers

Lunyee Group specializes in the design, development, production and sales of industrial factory automation system solutions.Our main products include medical electric actuators, industrial actuators, furniture actuators, controller systems, manual controllers, etc.

Linear actuator supplier

Lunyee Group provides you with a complete linear drive solution. Your needs are our greatest motivation. Lunyee will make progress with you.

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Linear actuator manufacturers
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Industrial linear actuator

High torque, high protection level, customizable stroke, stable operation

Furniture linear actuator

Precise positioning, low noise, intelligent design, simple operation

Medical linear actuator

Efficient, accurate and safe, and can be used with multiple types of controllers

Solar linear actuator

High load, Ultra-long service life, high dustproof and waterproof grade

Linear actuator manufacturers

Lunyee Group provides you withcomplete linear drive solution

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Electric actuator sales

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Electric actuator sales

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Electric actuator sales

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Electric actuator sales

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